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Katie is incredible. She treated and solved my acne problems that I've lived with it for decades. Highly recommend her and her products.
Maria S.
I completely trust Katie with my skin. She helped me get to the root on my skin issues through diet, health, and a skincare routine personalized for me.
Veronica J.
I get so lost and frustrated with all the choices for skincare. Katie's consult gave me the confidence to learn about slow beauty. And I use what my skin needs, not follow trends and fads.
Rebecca N.
These products are like nothing I've ever used before. Natural, effective, luxurious. They feel completely personalized for my skin.
Katya B.
This is what I call self-care. Skincare that cares for me.
Melissa P.

Meet Katie

"I like helping people feel beautiful about themselves. I love to give clients advice on the best treatments and perhaps put some realistic expectations in place.

At an early age, I experienced my own complications with digestive and hormone health that resulted in an acne-prone epidermis and stomach ulcers. After years of prescription-based treatments and aggressive facial treatment that only seemed to worsen the situation, I finally said, "No more!"

Through over a decade of research and developing my expertise in skin health, nutrition, and medical esthetics, I have unlocked the secret to achieving glowing, gorgeous skin."


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