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MTS Derma Roller

The safest cosmetic derma roller in the industry. Rest assured these needles will not break off in your skin!

The MTS-Rollers™ are equipped with 200 needles, made from surgical stainless steel, mounted along a 21.5mm wide roller with 8 needles per horizontal row; this is the highest number of needles of any medical skin needling roller on the market, according to the manufacturer.

MTS Roller has needles made of Swedish surgical stainless steel and the roller is of Lexan® polycarbonate plastic, not cheap acrylic plastic. It is stronger and does not burst as easily.

They are sterilized with gamma radiation and sealed in a hermetic (airtight) case. They are guaranteed 100% free from contaminants upon delivery.

CE marked

MTS Roles for private use is CE-marked class 1 medical technology. A skin role is not a drug, but it is classified as a medical device. It really means that because those who sell a skin role in Europe must claim that it actually has some effect on the skin, it must meet the requirements and be CE-marked. Read more about the CE mark and FDA here .