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You’re looking to reduce skin redness and irritation. You struggle with reactive skin, and most products sting. You’re self-conscious about your skin, sometimes even embarrassed. You’re looking for more self confidence from clearer skin.

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects over three million Canadians. Rosacea is a skin condition often resulting in redness of the face and characterized by flushed cheeks, chin, and nose.

Sensitive skin is becoming more common due to increased sun exposure, stress, lifestyle, allergies, and environmental factors. Skin from either of these types is often inflamed or irritated and is generally worse in areas with fewer sebaceous (oil) glands. These skin types can be improved with gentle cleansing, regular exfoliation, hydrating and nourishing treatments plus protection from further irritation.

I’m Katie, and I really understand you. I have sensitive skin, and I’ve struggled with rosacea most of my life. I became a medical esthetician to learn more about my skin issues and how to clear my skin naturally. I developed products that can help your skin - Calming Milk Cleanse & ImmunoRescue Creme.

I’d love to have a session with you. Here’s a link for $50 Off a consult with me.

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