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Skin discolorations, such as hyperpigmentation, melasma and sundamage are common, yet frustrating concerns. MBK Clinical Skincare Solutions Hyperpigmentation Management daily products contain a blend of proven pigment fighting tyrosinase ingredients that work to prevent the production and distribution of pigment, while also reducing existing dark spots.


Myth #1

  • Scrubbing the skin using wash cloths, sponges, coarse and gritty exfoliants help to remove dark spots.


  • Inflammation actually triggers your skin to producr pigment. Scrubbing and irritating your skin will typically make skin discoloration worse, not better.


Myth #2

  • I have really bad patches of pigment after having my baby, so I will only get rid of it if I use the strongest products available.


  • The discoloration associated with pregnancy is called melasma and harsh products may actually make it worse. Gentle products with multiple tyrosinase inhibiting lightening ingredients are best.


Myth #3

  • Once I get rid of my skin discoloration, it is gone for good.


  • People who are prone to skin discoloration can always develop more. Daily use of tyrosinase inhibiting skin brightening products that suppress the pigment producing process will maintain results.


A deeper look at hyperpigmentation

  1. Inflammation (caused by sun exposure, acne, hormonal shifts, a cut or burn)
  2. Melanocytes produce pigment
  3. Packets of pigment travel from the melanocyte to the skin cells
  4. The pigment is distributed like an umbrella to protect the cells' DNA from damage
  5. On the surface, the skin may have one small dark spot or be uniformly darker as with a suntan)