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Our Story

Medical Esthetics By Katie

Founder Katie Marshall

As a Canadian medical esthetician, Katie knows what her clientele needs for skincare rituals and routines.

Katie had her own skin issues with acne and rosacea in her 20s. This led her to a career in skincare.

Through the years of treating and healing her own skin issues, she learned the real connection between gut health (microbiome), hormones and skin health. 

Skincare Mission

MBK was born from a mission: to demystify skincare with simple, honest transparency. We make naturally active, effective and sustainable skincare in Canada. And we curate other brands that align with our skincare values.

Slow Beauty

The Slow Beauty movement describes a fast growing sub-culture of beauty therapists who have lost faith in the ‘quick-fix’, often invasive products and procedures that abound in the beauty industry and are drawn to a holistic approach to skincare with a focus on dermo-nutrition, wellness and genuine skin health from the inside out.

True skin transformation is only possible when we work topically and internally by addressing the underlying causes of skin challenges.

The Slow Beauty movement is following a similar trajectory to the Slow Food movement and reflects a similar shift in values away from short-term convenience towards slower, deeper and truer ideals.

The tides of change are well underway and there is now a new generation of beauty therapists leading the way in holistic, ‘slow’ beauty.

Self Care

Slow Beauty is also about emphasizing the sensorial experience and slowing down to evaluate which products work for our unique skin types. It’s all about having a personal and sustainable self-care practice.

It's about taking moments out of each day to practice the kind of mindful self-care and wellness that makes us glow.

Katie guides her clients toward a Slow Beauty lifestyle through her inspiration, support, and products. Through this approach, clients look and feel healthier and more joyful than ever.

Katie's Daily Routine

"These are the products I use and love regularly."

Personalized Skincare

Every person is unique. Whatever your skincare question, I'm here to guide you on your personal skincare journey.

"I completely trust Katie with my skin. She helped me get to the root on my skin issues through diet, health, and a skincare routine personalized for me."
- Veronica J.