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Consult With Katie: Advanced Skin Health Consultation


Bespoke Virtual Skin Coaching

1 hour 30 minutes | Online/Video chat

Your skin is a reflection of your life story. It reflects the quality of your diet, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Skin is a two-sided organ, what we apply topically is important, but true skin transformation is only possible when we work from within.

I understand that problems with your skin health can cause distress in many different ways and can lead to poor self-image and reduced confidence. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your skin health, I can assist you.

You will meet with myself, Katie Marshall, a certified medical esthetician and holistic nutritionist with 13 years of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience along with 7 years of conducting virtual appointments to discuss your skin health needs and goals. This will help ease your mind and empower you to make educated decisions, from the comfort of your home.

This involves a comprehensive consultation form which gives me a better understanding of underlying skin concerns and what needs to be targeted. By assessing photos of your skin by taking a close look at the different areas of your face, I can obtain an accurate skin health and wellness assessment. The goal is to determine the health of your skin and understand which symptoms it presents, identify root causes and underlying issues of your concerns. This includes your current products, stress, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, microbiome disturbances, and sleep patterns.

You will leave the virtual consultation session with a better understanding of your unique current skin health situation along with additional knowledge of preventative and restorative actions utilizing a combination of targeted skincare products, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to effectively address any underlying conditions and truly help you achieve healthy skin that gives you the confidence to best take care of your skin health journey for life.