You can be rest assured that this BioText disinfectant doesn't contain any harsh chemicals: as it's free from phenols, aldehydes, or any hormone-disrupting surfactants


It can be used universally, on vinyl, plastics, textiles, keyboards, telephones, painted surface and counters 


It's also a great cleaner because it won't corrode metals or stain or stick to the vinyl 


Best of all, it's kind to the skin so you don't need to use any gloves 




  1. Simple One-Step - Cleaning & Disinfection

    Universal All Surfaces - Clinical Chairs, X-Ray Heads, Water coolers, Keyboards, Refrigerators, Uniforms, Shoes, Bathtubs, bedding, etc...
  3. Non-staining - Vinyl won't change colour, Telephones, Control Keypads will not deteriorate with repeated use
  4. Kills Tuberculocidal Activity, Bactericidal Activity, and Fungicidal in 3 minutes. Virucidal Activity in 5 minutes


Canadian made 



Has a fresh scent, yet is still a strong disinfectant.

Micrylium BioTEXT Disinfectant

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