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Acne breakouts may keep you from putting your best face forward. MBK Clinical Skincare Solutions Clarity Management products effectively target bacteria, oil, inflammation and clogged pores for a beautiful, clear complexion.


Myth #1

  • I have to wash my face at least three times a day because I am so oily. I also can't use moisturizer because it makes me break out.


  • Over drying the skin actually leads to increased oil production. Washing your skin twice daily and using a non-oily hydrator will keep skin balanced and free from breakouts.


Myth #2

  • I know I am supposed to protect my skin from the sun, but every sunscreen I have ever tried is so heavy and makes my acne flare up. 


  • Everyone, regardless of their skin condition, should wear broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. Look for products specifically formulated for oily and acneic skin. EltaMD Clear is highly recommended to acne clients


Myth #3

  • My acne was caused by eating fried foods and dairy.


  • A healthy diet is always recommended, but poor food choices are not the only cause of acne. Lifestyle, genetics, medications, supplements, hormonal imbalance and pore clogging ingredients all contribute to inflammation, bacteria, increased oil production and clogged pores.


A deeper look at acne

  1. Clogging of the pore
  2. Increased oil production
  3. Bacteria
  4. Inflammation