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Environ Gold Cosmetic ROLL-CIT™

This gorgeous and elegant cosmetic roller is 14ct gold plated with 0.2mm stainless steel micro-needless. The Environ Gold CIT Roller has the advantage of being easy to clean and gold naturally suppresses bacterial growth.

Cosmetic Rolling dramatically increases the effectiveness of skincare products, allowing improved penetration of vitamins into the active layers of the skin. Environ's CIT-Roller will help increase product penetration from 4 to 80% in a safe and effective way. 

Use of the Gold Cosmetic ROLL-CIT™ will give the appearance of tighter, smoother, and thicker skin. It will help with the appearance of fine lines, scars, and dilated blood vessels. Skin "cosmetic-needling" is not painful, does not damage the skin and it can be used on all areas of the skin or body, including very thin skin.

Perfect for: Age Prevention, Dull and Fatigued Skin, Enlarged Pores, Hyperpigmentation, Scarring, Wrinkles, and Fine Lines.

Not suitable for use on the following skin conditions: active acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, severe solar keratosis, skin cancer, and raised moles or warts.

Please read before placing your order: Due to the high concentrations of active ingredients, new Environ customers will need to complete this Skin Health Consultation form before your order can be dispatched. Orders can still be placed online; however, they will not be dispatched until the consultation form has been completed.

If you have already completed a consultation, log in to purchase this product.


- You will need to have been using Environs AVST Vitamin A creams and be comfortable at the level of at least your second bottle of Environ AVST 2 before you start rolling.
- Clean and prepare your skin by pre-cleansing, cleansing, and toning before you start, then divide your target areas into sections and roll each section vertically, obliquely, and horizontally with the roller for 3-5 minutes, using mild but firm pressure.
- Rolling twice a week, to begin with, and gradually increase this until you are comfortable and able to roll nightly.
- Finish by applying your prescribed Environ products.
- Rinse your roller after each use and allow it to air dry, wash thoroughly once a week with the Environ Cleansing Solution to increase the life of your roller.


Together with topical Environ products, Cosmetic Roll-CIT helps to:
- Reduces the appearance of scarring
- Assists in the tightening of lax skin
- Improves the appearance of skin texture
- Softens fine lines and wrinkles
- Speeds up the reduction of pigmentation
- Assists in the thickening of thin skin
- Promotes natural collagen production


The needles are 14ct gold plated surgical stainless steel micro-needles and 0.2 mm in length. It is recommended to replace every 12 months for best results.