5 Reasons why Proactive is not great for acne

5 Reasons why Proactive is not great for acne

Katie Marshall

I'm not one to "Celebrity Bash" but many of my colleagues and I who specialize in acne have a serious issue with Proactive's new celebrity endorsement with Kendall Jenner. This is a LONG post and Yes share away!

Here's my 5 reasons why?:

1. Yes, Kendall Jenner does suffer from acne but it wasn't Proactive that helped her. It was a Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Christie Kidd charging upwards of $3000 per facial. Rumour has it Kendall is getting paid an estimated 1 million per Proactive post on Social Media. REALLY!?

I wonder what the Federal Trade Commission will think about her "endorsement deal". Endorsers have to be truthful about their use of the product they endorse. The Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines, which state, “When the advertisement represents that the endorser uses the endorsed product, the endorser must have been a bona fide user of it at the time the endorsement was given.

2. You can't "cure" acne as it's a disease of the pore called retension hyperkeratosis. Genetics, Stress, Lifestlye, Medication, Pore Clogging Ingredients are also contributing factors in acne sufferers, including myself.

3. Proactive is a 3 Step Cookie Cutter Acne Skincare system which "claims" it can quickly hydrate and treat acne by turning your clogged pores into healthy ones. Benzyol peroxide is not ideal for ALL types of acne, nor is it ideal for all skin types either. Benzyol peroxide is meant to be used for a short period of time on some acne types, not on a continuous 30 day autoship cycle. Many past Proactive users have complained of dry, raw, irritated skin and either their skin was clear while on it, but once they stopped using the product, the acne returned. Other past users said it did nothing for their acne.

Acne can be successfully treated and controlled with the right treatment routine. Prescibed homecare and facial treatments that may be recommended DON'T "cure" acne, though, so even after your skin is clear and breakouts are a thing of the past you MUST continue to use your prescribed homecare, monthly treatments and to keep acne from returning.

One more thing - How come Proactive has pore cloggers in their formula? How does this help with maintaing clear skin?

4. Not ALL acne is bacteria and hormone related, yet many General Practitioners and Dermatologist treat ALL acne the same way by using the same OLD methods of Antibiotics, Accutane and Retin-A for the past 40+ years with severe long term consequences.

Did you know there are 
~ two categories of acne
~ four grades of acne
~ nine variations of acne and
~ twenty-one acne imposters?

Do you see what I see here?

5. Everybody has P. acnes bacteria—which are commonly blamed for causing acne. The skin biome is the ECOSYSTEM of microorganisms that live on the skin, your skin is colonized by millions and millions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and just like the microbes in your gut have a larger impact on overall health, microbes on your skin, which is your largest organ, impact the way it looks and feels and its ability to serve as a barrier between your body and the outside world.

Propionibacterium (p.acnes) and its relative Propionibacterium granulosum are important members of a healthy skin microbiome. These bacteria produce a secretion that has antimicrobial properties and helps maintain an acidic skin pH (5.5). The acidic pH, just like the skin of the scalp, helps defend the skin against pathogens.

A cookie cutter one size fits all skin regimen is not ideal! Acne is a disease with a wide spectrum of severity and that the skin microbiome is reflective of this large variation. Acne is the result of a disrupted balance in the microbiota that contributes to disease severity, rather than attributing the condition to one harmful microorganism that actually has a pretty important role in keeping skin healthy.

CONCLUSION: Who are you going to trust your acne isuues with? A highly paid Celebrity or a Medical Esthetician who specializes in acne and skin health?

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